Lawn Fertilization Lewis Center, Ohio

One of the fastest-growing areas in Central Ohio is Lewis Center. People also happen to be concerned about their lawns in Lewis Center. In order to have the best lawn possible, it needs regular fertilization. Earth Art & Landscape is the premier provider of fertilization services for the Lewis Center, Ohio area. We offer both lawn and plant fertilization programs. We believe the quality of our work cannot be duplicated by weekend warrior types. Our licensed lawn care professionals know all the tricks to make your lawn look its best!

Lewis Center, Ohio Lawn Fertilization Program

img-machineryIt’s a great thing to own a home. But home ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. One of these responsibilities is keeping up with landscaping. Unhealthy lawns are not only unsightly, but they also become hospitable to undesirables like weeds and crabgrass. Most, if not all, lawn problems can be solved with a lawn fertilization program.

How often do you treat your lawn? Once a year? Once a month? Never? Most people aren’t aware that fertilization needs to be done several times per year to achieve its maximum effect. The exact number of times treatment is needed, of course, depends on your turf.

Our fertilization program includes multiple applications per year. Depending on your landscape features, we will create a customized plan to get you the best results. Just like cutting your grass is a task that needs to be done regularly, fertilizer needs to be applied constantly.

You’ll quickly begin to notice the benefits of committing to a fertilization program. You’ll especially notice if you haven’t regularly fertilized before. Benefits of fertilization include:

  • Less watering: a well-fertilized lawn doesn’t need to be watered as much, saving you time.
  • Fewer insects & pests: just like weeds, insects and pests will try to take up residence in all lawns, but it will be much tougher to do so in a fertilized lawn.
  • Fewer weeds: weeds will try to grow anywhere, but will find it particularly difficult to grow in a fertilized lawn

In the long run, you’ll save money by investing on fertilization. As an added bonus, fertilization is also environmentally responsible.

Lawn Fertilization Benefits

  • A well-maintained lawn and landscape significantly increases your property value and can build a strong source of community pride.
  • Properly fertilized lawns better tolerate stresses such as heat, drought, and cold.
  • Healthy lawns provide aesthetic, recreational and environmental benefits.

img-grassIf you want to have the best-looking lawn in town, fertilization is a requirement. You won’t get a great-looking lawn hoping the grass will grow on its own. Consider fertilization similar to drinking a protein shake after a workout. Fertilization provides the nutrients necessary to help your lawn look its best. Fertilizer maintains lawn density and plant vigor, enhances the green color and encourages growth and recovery. Growth and recovery is essential when dealing with seasonal stresses, such as heat and drought. The right fertilizer (they’re not all the same!) at the right time helps plants accumulate and store the essential plant foods used for growth and development.

What else comes from lawn fertilization? Fertilized lawns require fewer pesticides to manage weeds, diseases and insects. For the green-friendly crowd, fertilized lawns help protect water quality by reducing water runoff and potential soil issues.

Additional Lawn Treatments Include:

  • Specific disease control
  • Pest and insect treatment
  • Core aeration
  • Soil testing

There are many negative aspects to an unfertilized lawn besides its nasty appearance: yellow, dry, thin and overtaken with weeds. When a lawn is unfertilized, dandelions, clovers and crabgrass will make their new homes there. As if all this isn’t unappealing enough on its own, malnourished turf grasses are more likely to be damaged by diseases and insects.

Lewis Center, Ohio Tree & Shrub Fertilization Program

img-sprayingFertilization is for all parts of your landscape — not just your lawn. Your trees and shrubs also need nutrients to grow and look vitalized. Don’t underestimate the importance of your trees and shrubs to the health of an environment. Imagine your landscape without them. It wouldn’t look as nice, even with a great lawn.

Our tree and shrub fertilization program, like our lawn fertilization program, consists of multiple applications per year. We can create a custom program based on your needs.

Your plants need fertilization for similar reasons as your lawn. Without the proper nutrients and “food,” they won’t be as healthy as they should be. It is necessary to supplement naturally-occurring, essential mineral elements in the soil to maintain an optimum supply of these minerals for growth. Fertilization is like the protein shake for your plants.

Nutrient Deficiency in Trees and Shrubs

It’s highly unlikely all your trees and shrubs will be in their native locations. This makes it easy for the plants to become nutrient-deficient. In natural habitats, this doesn’t happen. In foreign environments, extra care is needed to maximize plant health.

Nursery, street tree and landscape plantings are, for the most part, artificial habitats. Soils may be vastly different from those of the native habitat of a given plant, and nutrient recycling systems may be altered or diminished as a result of planting schemes (planting in turf areas) or maintenance practices (collection of fallen leaves.)

Additional Tree & Shrub Treatments Include:

  • Deep Root Feeding
  • Tree Injections
  • Supplement Treatments

Earth Art & Landscape, is licensed, professional and experienced. Make sure your lawn and landscape is healthy and looks great. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Earth Art & Landscape–serving the Lewis Center, Ohio area.

Just wanted to let you know our building super was out here the other day fixing something, and he said in his 14 yrs doing this, he has never seen a seeded yard look so good! Just thought I would share that with you. Have a great weekend!