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People in Grove City, Ohio love their landscapes. It’s almost always a sort-of competition with the neighbors to see who has the best yard. Give yourself a huge advantage in this contest by working with a professional landscaping company! Earth Art & Landscape serves the Grove City, Ohio area. We offer a wide variety of landscaping and lawn care services. We are highly-rated lawn care professionals and would love to work with you.

Landscaping Services Grove City, Ohio

Do you need fertilization? Mowing? Mulching? We offer all three, plus many more. Keep scrolling to see our entire array of offerings.

Lawn Fertilization

For many people, a great landscape starts with a green lawn. To get that, you’ll need to invest in a lawn fertilization program. Your grass won’t look how you’d like it to without investing in this service. Fertilization is like giving your lawn a protein shake. The turf will get all its nutrients and grow to optimal health and fullness. Our fertilization programs are fully customizable and come with several applications per year. Benefits of regular fertilization include:

  • Healthy lawns look great and provide recreational benefits
  • A well-fertilized lawn increases your property’s value
  • Properly fertilized lawns better tolerate heat, drought and cold

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

It is not enough to only fertilize the lawn if you want to get the dream landscape you desire. Your trees and shrubs also need attention. Unless every plant you own is growing in its natural environment, there’s a high chance of the plants becoming deprived of nutrients. This happens when plants grow in foreign environments because of slight differences in the soil, climate and a number of other factors. Consider tree and shrub fertilization the protein shake for your plants. Paired with lawn fertilization, you’re sure to have a great landscape. Plant fertilization services we offer include:

  • Deep root feeding
  • Tree injections
  • Supplemental treatments

Spring and Fall Cleanup

We’ve yet to meet any customers who claim they love cleaning their own yard. (That explains why they hire us!) We can clean branches, leaves and other debris from your yard to make sure your lawn looks its best. When your yard isn’t cleaned, the turf can get damaged. The best plan is committing to a regular cleanup plan.

Spring cleanup includes:

  • Removing debris from bed areas
  • Apply multipurpose fertilizer to ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide to bed areas
  • Apply sulfur fertilizer to acid-loving plants
  • Edging existing beds and tree perimeters
  • Selectively prune ornamental trees, shrubs and ground covers under 15 feet

Fall cleanup includes:

  • Removing leaves from turf and bed areas
  • Remove debris from bed areas
  • Selectively prune ornamental trees, shrubs and ground cover under 15 feet
  • Winter plant preparation and perennial/ornamental grass pruning


Irrigation is a three part process.

  • Start-up: the system is run and checked for any issues or problems. This step is important so that we understand what exactly, if anything, needs to be done. We’ll also program the irrigation system for the season and monitor it throughout the year.
  • Blow-out: The system is winterized and run through twice. All water is removed to prevent any damage that may occur during the winter months.
  • Backflow testing: We test your backflow and send the paperwork to your county’s water department for the required yearly testing. We are certified in the state of Ohio to provide backflow testing and maintenance/repair services.

Perimeter Sprays

Warm weather brings many positive things. Unfortunately, it also brings insects. These bugs can get into your home if you’re not careful. We recommend taking a proactive approach and having the perimeter of your home sprayed. Perimeter spraying will create “armor” for your home and keep out the flies, roaches and other insects. The spray will be applied four times during the season.

Lawn Mowing Services

The most-regular task associated with landscaping is mowing the lawn. This has to be done on a regular basis. Earth Art & Landscape is available for lawn mowing services. We’ll start by removing any trash and tree limbs from your yard. Then we will cut the grass to an appropriate height for the species. This may not be the same for every lawn. If you cut your grass yourself, you might cut it to an incorrect length and cause damage. For the perfectionists in the crowd, we’ll edge the sidewalks and driveways on a biweekly basis. If we arrive the grass is too wet to mow, we’ll cut it at the next scheduled visit.


For many landscapes, the final step is mulching. This is like drying your car after a wash; it makes everything look better. We will deliver aged, shredded hardwood bark or pine wood mulch and apply pre-emergent herbicide to the bed areas. We’ll also install the mulch and clean up after we’re done.

Earth Art & Landscape–providing landscaping services to the Grove City, Ohio area. 

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Our business was founded on the idea that the customer is our number one priority. We pride ourselves not only in our work, but also our ability to connect with our customers while providing personal service and savings that can really make a difference in your family’s budget.

Columbus, Ohio lawn care and fertilizer company, Earth Art & Landscape, is licensed, professional and experienced. Make sure your lawn and landscape is healthy and looks great. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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