As we all know spring is fast approaching (hooray!!!) but with spring comes new issues around the house! Right now my biggest problem is getting the dogs in the house fast enough to not let all the cold air in and the hot out. Which let me tell you is not easy at all!! However while doing a little cleaning this weekend I found 2 (not just 1 BUT 2!!! As in more than one! As in dos!!!) dead flies in my living room window. Now… they were dead but still where did they come from? How the heck did they get in the house? I know I haven’t had a fly cematery in my living room all winter because I clean the window sills on a semi-regular basis. Hasn’t this cold weather been enough to get rid of those buggers?!? And if there are flies then what other bugs are around that I don’t see!!

I know many of you feel like me and think that this winter will never end. But something that we have to remember is that we didn’t have any signifigant snow in December (like none at all!) and then in January we had a whole week in the 60’s. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about any of this! Matter of fact I enjoyed the no snow and the 60 degree weather because when it snows we are out plowing and if we have 60 degree weather we are usually working at our clients houses! So to have a little break was nice. However this kind of weather has consequences.

So typically in Ohio we have four seasons. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. That’s the way it is. Now that being said depending what each of those seasons do will depend on the happenings of the next season. Usually what happens in winter is we get snow…then January comes and the ground freezes, the snow stays around and no one wants to go outside. What we don’t see happening is that when it gets that cold the insects that are still hanging around are killed off in this weather. Which is a good thing! It’s called population control. This happens every year and we never even think about it. But when we have a mild winter (like this year has been) insect populations in the coming months will grow and you will notice more activity.

Does this mean that we are doomed and the world is coming to an end? No it means that, like everything else in our lives, weather is unpredictable and all we can do is go on the defensive and take care of what we can. Like getting on a good pest control program. Every company offers something different. Ask questions, research and find someone you can trust. Do it yourself if you have to. Just be prepared.

Here at Earth Art Landscape we offer a pest control program that is customizable to your needs but we do suggest that you do something regularly (typically quarterly). We like to use natural products that have a proven track record. So give us a call or send an email and we would be happy to help any way we can. We can sign you up for our service or just answer any questions that you have!