Lawn Fertilization Columbus, Ohio

Is your Columbus, Ohio lawn looking drab? Fertilization can fix this problem and make your lawn look great! Earth Art & Landscape employs professional lawn care specialists who are licensed to apply fertilizer to your turf and landscape. Fertilizing is not a job for the “guy next door” or weekend warrior. You’ll get the best results when it is professionally done.

Lawn Fertilization Program

img-machinerySome people have struggling lawns and only apply fertilizer once a year. This isn’t enough. You wouldn’t only cut your grass once per year. Your lawn requires consistent upkeep and fertilization.

Our fertilizer program features multiple applications per year. We will put together a customized program that best fits your landscaping.

Once you commit to a fertilization program, you’ll notice the benefits. Your lawn will be in top shape. You won’t need to water it as much. Weeds, insects and pests won’t exist in your yard. These benefits help save you money in the long run and are environmentally responsible.

Lawn Fertilization Benefits

  • A well-maintained lawn and landscape significantly increases your property value and can build a strong source of community pride.
  • Healthy lawns provide aesthetic, recreational, and environmental benefits.
  • Properly fertilized lawns better tolerate stresses such as heat, drought, and cold.

img-grassIn a world where everyone competes for everything, you don’t want your neighbor’s lawn to look better than yours. If it already does, and you’re wondering why, it’s probably because your neighbor is enrolled in a lawn fertilization program. Fertilization maintains density and plant vigor, enhances green color and encourages growth and recovery from damage and seasonal stresses (such as hot, dry periods.) Applying the right fertilizer at the right time helps plants accumulate and store the essential plant foods used for growth and development.

There are several other benefits to regular lawn fertilization. Fertilized lawns require fewer pesticides to manage weeds, diseases and insects. For the green-friendly crowd, fertilized lawns help protect water quality by reducing water runoff and potential soil issues.

Additional Lawn Treatments Include:

  • Specific disease control
  • Pest and insect treatment
  • Core aeration
  • Soil testing

You know an unfertilized lawn when you see it. These lawns have thin, dying grass with weeds growing. Under-fertilized lawns will lose whatever density they have as time passes. This creates a hospitable environment for undesirable grasses and weeds like crabgrass, dandelions and clovers. As a double whammy, malnourished turf grasses are also more prone to damage from disease and insects.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization Program

img-sprayingMany people forget to fertilize their trees and shrubs. Don’t make this mistake! These are important pieces to your landscape. Our tree and shrub fertilization program, like our lawn fertilization program, consists of multiple applications per year. We will work with you to create a custom program based on your needs.

It is important to use fertilization in your plant care regimen. It is necessary to supplement naturally-occurring, essential mineral elements in the soil that maintain an optimum supply for plant growth. For these reasons, periodic applications of fertilizer to ornamental trees and shrubs are needed to replenish essential mineral elements and to promote healthy growth.

Nutrient Deficiency in Trees and Shrubs

Your trees and shrubs are likely not in their natural environments. Many trees and shrubs in foreign locations show signs of nutrient deficiency. This is not the case for plants growing in their natural habitats. Wild plants are usually only growing where there is a natural recycling of nutrients and where they have adapted or have a competitive advantage.

Nursery, street tree and landscape plantings are, for the most part, an artificial habitat. Soils may be vastly different from those of the native habitat of a given plant, and nutrient recycling systems may be altered or diminished as a result of planting schemes (planting in turf areas) or maintenance practices (collection of fallen leaves.)

Additional Tree & Shrub Treatments Include:

  • Deep Root Feeding
  • Tree Injections
  • Supplement Treatments

Earth Art & Landscape, is licensed, professional and experienced. Make sure your lawn and landscape is healthy and looks great. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Earth Art & Landscape–serving the Columbus, Ohio area.

Every day when I come home, I look at my beautiful lawn and I just have to thank you for doing such a wonderful job.  I love the way you mow the lawn with the curves and the two directions of mowing.  Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!

- Westerville Ohio