Additional Services

Earth Art & Landscape is a Columbus, Ohio landscape, lawn care, and fertilizer company that can help keep your yard beautiful. In addition to being lawn fertilization specialists, we also provide other lawn maintenance services.


  • Start-up: The system is ran and checked for any issues or concerns. The irrigation system will also be programmed for the season and monitored throughout the year.
  • Blow-out: The system is winterized and gone through twice. All water is removed to prevent any damage that may occur during the winter months.
  • Backflow testing: We test your backflow and send the paperwork to your county’s water department for the required yearly testing. We are certified in the state of Ohio to provide backflow testing and maintenance/repair services.

Perimeter Sprays

  • Helps control many common insects found around the home
  • The perimeter of your home is treated to create a barrier against unwanted pests
  • Four applications are spread over the season

Mowing Program

  • Clear turf of trash, tree limbs, etc.
  • Mow turf at a height most suitable for the species
  • Change mowing direction to keep turf healthy
  • If the turf is too wet, it will be mowed at the next scheduled visit
  • String-trim areas that can’t be reached with a mower (edges & curbs) to match the turf height
  • Edge sidewalks and driveways bi-weekly
  • Remove debris from beds

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring Cleanup Includes:

  • Remove debris from bed areas
  • Edge existing beds and tree perimeters
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide to bed areas
  • Apply sulfur fertilizer to acid-loving plants
  • Apply multipurpose fertilizer to ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Selectively prune ornamental trees, shrubs and ground covers under 15 feet

Fall Cleanup Includes:

  • Remove leaves from turf and bed areas
  • Winter plant preparation and perennial/ornamental grass pruning
  • Selectively prune ornamental trees, shrubs and ground cover under 15 feet
  • Remove debris from bed areas


  • Deliver aged, shredded hardwood bark or pine wood mulch
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide to bed areas
  • Install/spread mulch 1″ thick if the bed has been mulched in the last 12  months or 2″ thick if it hasn’t
  • Clean up and properly dispose of all debris from mulch installation process
  • Blow concrete surfaces and turf clear of debris
  • Tuck bed lines neatly into vertical trenches

We provide Columbus, Ohio, with lawn care and fertilizer services. Earth Art & Landscape is family owned and operated, licensed, and experienced. Make sure your lawn and landscape is healthy and looks great. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

The mulching and weeding you guys did looks great!  Glad we could finally get it taken care of.  Have a good weekend.

- Bexley, Ohio